Like our design philosophy for architectural and interior design projects, our approach to planning is an integrated one. Only the large scale of these projects and the extended timeframes for actual implementation differs.

It’s our belief that well-planned neighborhoods, campuses and communities enhance the quality of life for everyone who interacts with and experiences our work. To that end, our open planning process involves working closely with all constituents. Whether it’s an initial community-wide needs assessment or refined urban design recommendations, we value everyone’s voice as we strive to uncover creative solutions and realistic multi-phased development strategies.

We call it “design by democracy” and have found that such public participation is highly effective at facilitating true community engagement. Even more gratifying, our open planning process can be thoroughly transformative in the way it builds social capital by encouraging people to connect in a collaborative, constructive way.

At Walter Robbs, our commitment to creating truly transformational spaces and places extends to encouraging broad community participation throughout the entire planning process.

Whether our planning professionals are helping create a downtown or campus visionary master plan, developing ‘form-based code’ urban design guidelines, updating zoning/unified development ordinances, facilitating public input processes or the conceptual development of a comprehensive plan for a planning district, nurturing the full engagement of community members is a vital, and welcome, part of the process.

Example Projects